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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bedtime story for who?

I wrote The Purple Elephant in such a way that parents could use the book as a bedtime story for their children. The story is ongoing for those who want to read straight through, but each chapter ends at a good stopping point and with a character falling asleep.

So how's it working? Well, a friend reading the book to her 4-year-old reports that her son begs her to keep reading and he is so excited that he's had a little trouble falling asleep. Oops. But another friend (with grown kids) is reading a chapter each night to her husband. She reports that her husband falls asleep each night before she's done! As for us, I mostly read to my son in the middle of the afternoon and he begs and begs for "just one more chapter," but I'm rationing him to just two a day.

Anybody else tried reading The Purple Elephant as a chapter a day?

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